Bedroom design and styling

Nirman Karya distinct architectural sensibility to warm and stylish balance is common to all residences designed by Nirman Karya.

Living Room Makeover

Nirman Karya architectural public building design revitalizes communities and neighborhoods by creating buildings and spaces that improve and enhance the quality of life of those using them.

Restaurant design

Nirman Karya restaurant designs integrate regional culture, architecture, landscape, environment and economic aspects to position the projects of our clients for long-term commercial success.

Residential Design

Our hospitality interior design concepts create unique, appealing, and comfortable environments appropriate to the identity of the individual outlet to drive repeat business and to build customer loyalty

Office Design

With meticulous partisanship and great attention to detail, Nirman Karya office designs visualize and communicate unique and innovative ideas, combining aesthetic appearance and style with ergonomic forms and functionality

Commercial Design

A 'warm and homely' feeling is the main character that always reveals itself in our interior designs. Whether it is in a private house or in a public area, we never let the design lose its touch with the people who will occupy the space. All design elements play their own important part to present a complete delight to our senses

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